Secure, innovative, technology-driven legal services.

Focus on your business. Let us take care of the legal work. 

We Know What it Takes

Growing companies need legal expertise spanning continents, industries and practices. Fasken provides solutions in all areas of law, for almost every industry and sector.  Emerging technology companies need, and expect, something more. ViaFasken is a secure legal services application specifically tailored to the needs of emerging technology companies.

Incubate, Accelerate, Innovate!

If you work at an incubator or accelerator and would like to see how ViaFasken can help the companies you coach, let us show you how with a customized offering. All packages include access to ViaFasken.


Virtual Minute Book & Data Room

With ViaFasken, your corporate documents and material agreements are available 24/7 through our secure virtual minute book and data room.

And the best part? Our document assembly system automatically sends documents out for electronic signature and files the executed version in the appropriate folder. No more printing, signing, scanning and emailing!  

Manage your Personnel

Whether it’s getting quick access to an employment or consulting agreement, or making sure that IP is properly assigned over to your company, ViaFasken has you covered.

And while we’re at it, we can also handle the stock option grants for you, so you can keep track of how many options have been issued to your team and visualize the remaining room in your option pool.

Raise Money

With just a few clicks, you can generate term sheets and all of the other documents you need for your SAFE financing round from A-Z. 

And while you’re busy raising money, we’re working on automating convertible notes and preferred equity, so check back soon to see the latest updates! 

Build your IP Portfolio

ViaFasken streamlines the trademark search process, providing you quick with access to Canadian, US and international trademark databases. 

Run a few searches, find the right trademark for your business and then complete an online form to make your filing requests directly to one of our trademark agents. 

Measuring Success

ViaFasken has not only changed how we deliver legal services, it will change how emerging technology companies and other stakeholders interact, including personnel, professional advisors, and investors. Success for our clients’ various stakeholders means success for our clients. And that means success for us too.

We would love the opportunity to talk to you more about how ViaFasken can help your business.

Want to see it in action?

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