Running out of Netflix shows to stream? Not sure about this sourdough trend? Why not do something even more exciting from the comfort of your home office (or couch) this summer by entering The Pitch, an online contest for budding tech entrepreneurs brought to you by DailyHive and Orbiiit, a platform for digital pitches.

The contest was designed to respond to the reality that traditional fundraising has been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nader Navabi, CEO of Orbiiit, says the contest will “democratize the funding process.” The total prize pool is $100,000, with the first place winner taking  home $15,000 cash and $35,000 of in-kind prizes such as professional services.

Fasken’s very own Will Shaw is one of the six judges and is excited for the opportunity to hear from promising entrepreneurs at a time when traditional funding may have been disrupted. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in this exciting initiative and continue to support early stage companies in Canada,” Will said about his participation in the contest.

August Update:

The winners of The Pitch have been revealed! In first place, winning$15,000 cash and $35,000 in-kind, is DOME Media, a company seeking to create and install a mobile digital dome in Vancouver for immersive experience such as meditation and music events. In second place, winning $7,500 cash and $25,000 in-kind, is CareFind, a company looking to connect parents with childcare providers through its unique platform. It is In third place, winning $2,500 cash and $18,000 in-kind, is Broke, a company that helps you find the best food deals in your city. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to The Pitch team for including Fasken in this exciting initiative. We can’t wait to see what these companies accomplish!

Head over to The Pitch website for more information about the winners.