In every city or region where a start-up or growing company locates, there are typically a spectrum of resources available to help with the journey to get to market and mature a business. From government programs to private angel investors, incubators, accelerators and professional service providers, and many others, help is available. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to ferret out these resources and understand how they fit together as agents of support. And these resources seem to regularly change, adding to the confusion.

In Calgary in particular, and Alberta-wide more generally, we have searched about and provide here several access points to this ecosystem, for your ease of reference. We think these links are reasonably well maintained, and provide windows to local resources that can help your start-up or scale up company reach the next level:

  • Founder Institute’s Calgary Start-up Resource List organizes many useful resource references into the key stages of a start-up’s growth (Idea, Launch, Growth) with numerous links to further information.
  • Start Alberta calls itself “The richest database for the startup community in Alberta”. This site provides links to registered companies, investors, organizations and people, with further links to latest posted news, events calendar and job positions.
  • Startup Calgary and Startup Edmonton foster startups, connect founders and support their local business communities with programming, events, and initiatives.
  • Platform Calgary’s innovation community is designed to guide entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey from formation to validation to growth.